Heard of the film Hey Hey It's Esther Blueberger?

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    Hello all,


    If you get the chance to see this film, it was filmed entirely in Adelaide about 18 months ago. The Private Girls school part was filmed at my daughters'school( the hall and stair scenes.) Daughter no 1 was in it as a student, and they used our school's uniform and just changed the socks and tie and badge. The other outside scenes were filmed at St Peter's college(a boys school)


    The state school in the film is actually Marryatville High, the front of the school was used and the classrooms, corridors. The street full of clubs that they walk down 1 night is Hindley St.

    The carousel is out at Semaphore by the beach.


    Saw this film last night with my daughters at a school fundraiser. I really found it funny and my daughters enjoyed it too. Here it has an M rating which means children can see it if accompanied by an adult or an adult buys the ticket.


    There are some street scenes that show some of the big houses etc. You may find it interesting.



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