Andrew from Vista Financial

Great idea, but...........

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    I came across this website recently and thought that this was a fantastice idea for us Poms.


    So I tried ordering a giftcard, you can only pay with a UK Credit/Debit card which isn't a problem as I still have a UK Bank Account however after several attempts of trying to pay I gave up.


    I contacted the people who run the company by email and have been told that at present they will only accept payment from UK cards that are registered at a UK address!


    My card is registered at my home address here in Australia and I would imagine that most people that have kept UK Credit/Debit cards would be the same?


    So for now not such a great idea.


    I have asked them to contact me when they are able to process UK cards registered from overseas addresses.


    Hopefully it won't be too long, birthdays and xmas will be much easier :)



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    There are plenty of other gift card web sites out there that will use an Aussie card or a UK one registered to an Australian address. Just try Google!


    I've previously used this company for wedding gift vouchers with no problems ......


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