Week Two in Adelaide

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    Hello all


    At last we are in Adelaide! Very much enjoying it so far (but I know it's early days).


    We have so far sorted out bank cards, medicare, phones - and I am very lucky to have landed a job at one of the local Uni's (UniSA) just yesterday! Starting end of the month and it is a great post, a step up from what I was doing in the UK. I have to say (for the benefit of those still in UK and wondering about jobs - in HE at least) that I was applying in the last few weeks before we left and got skype interviews for two posts - this one and one with Flinders. I felt like once they knew I was on my way out there they took my applications seriously - I spent the last few months banging in applications with no success at all but near to date of arrival it suddenly seemed to start getting a response!


    Had second interview yesterday and was offered the UniSA post - its around project and change management which is what I did in the UK, I am really chuffed and can't wait to get going. Just need to find a job in finance for the husband now but I know we can manage on just my wages in the short term so no major pressure.


    I think I am going to need to invest in a car due to the distance/pain in the ass bus routes up to Mawson Lakes where the job is based. We are staying at Midway Apartments on the Anzac Highway at the moment which is great, paid up until end of May so anything I earn in the meantime is a bonus! Need to get drivers licence sorted as we are on PR and it will also help with ID.


    Scoped a few areas yesterday and had lunch at Henley Beach - we quite like it as a place to live, at the moment our top three areas would be Glenelg, Henley Beach and the CBD itself but we have plenty of time to do more research. We don't have kids so looking for a 2 bed somewhere with plenty to do in an evening (which is why we have ruled out West Beach).


    Just wanted to check in and say hi as this forum has been invaluable in the last year (and will no doubt continue to be).



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