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Looking for any type of office work.

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    Guest Chris&Iita

    I've been here in Adelaide with my husband Chris for almost 9 months and I've had no luck finding any work!


    I have signed up with pretty much every agency (+seek and careerone) and everyone tells me there is no work in Adelaide.


    I have a masters degree in marketing and communication and I was working for the NHS before moving here because of Chris' work. I'm after anything office based if anybody knows of any openings that I could apply for. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I'm going stir crazy looking at the same four walls every day!


    Please drop a message back if you could possibly help me out



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    Not all vacancies are advertised on seek, career on or with agencies. Check out the Adelaide Uni and UniSA (and Flinders?) websites for jobs they are currently advertising. I don't know if they still are but I'm sure one of them was looking for marketing people not that long ago. Also check out the South Australian government vacancies website. Don't use any filters except location ones though as I've found they don't work very well and filter out jobs you would actually be interested in. It does mean having to go through all the jobs on there but it's better than missing jobs that would be ideal.


    The other thing to do is have a drive/walk round and take a note of the names of companies whose offices you go past. Then check out their websites for jobs. Also consider what companies might have a need for your skills and approach them directly whether they are advertising jobs or not and sell yourself to them. My OH got his current job this way.


    Finally, when applying for a job make sure you address the selection criteria of there is any. The Uni's and the government jobs all have selection criteria that they expect you to address and if you don't do this your application would be rejected immediately. Make sure you taylor your CV and any covering letter for each application, and I don't mean just change the name of the company it's addressed to. Read the job advertisement and position description, phone the contact person for more details and make sure you follow any instructions given.


    Good luck!

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