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Coeliac disease

Guest Andig

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Guest Andig

Hi all.


with my forward planning for next year, my 7 year old daughter has Coeliac Disease. has anyone had any experience of Gluten Free products, is there much choice, i know its starting to be catered for more over here (UK), but just wondered if i could ask all PIA for any first hand experience.


thanks [h=1][/h]

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my mum is a coeliac and when she came out last year she no problems, Australia appears to have a far better understanding of this and the products and labelling that is available gives a much better choice and ease of finding products. Quite often there is larger labelling on the product or shelf so you don't have to spend 10mins going through the ingredient list. There prices are slightly more expensive but not astronomical.


quite a few restaurant off we gluten free and there is even a shop in unley that is solely gluten free and the bread we had from there was fab you wouldn't have know it was gluten free.


​hope that helps

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Guest Sarah Bradley

Hi, I'm wheat intolerant and have a couple of coeliac friends. I've has no problems with food great choices and usually manage in restaurants although Indian and Mexican here have the best choices I agree labelling is very good and we have a local coelic society which can give you information about specialist shops and products. I also love the pizza from "crust" on Brighton Road they are very good and although they prepare both kinds of pizza they use separate utensils, cutters and trays and are happy for you to watch them prepare and serve your pizza. Good luck with the move.

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Guest Team 'W'

Hi Guys


​Ye my niece who also suffers with coeliac came out in January and she didnt have a prob at all ,she even said its far better than the UK , there is so much choice here !! you will be fine ... good luck on the move !!

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