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Scary news about sa economy & jobs

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Dear Friends


I just read the news that SA economy is the worst performer in Australia. I have SA state sponsored PR and planning to migrate permanently in March 2014. The above news item is scary and increasing the fear on unknown.


I am a professional accountant with vast experience but ready to accept entry level job. Any comments are welcome about the current job availability and prospects for accountants in near future.


I will be happy to read some moral boasting comments/advice to help me to gather my energies for big move.



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Guest NewInOz



You won't have surprised anyone living in South Australia with your news about SA being the worst economic performer in Australia. I think it is probably as well that I see that you will be prepared to accept "entry level job" as you put it as many will agree with me on this forum that UK qualifications are widely ignored or dismissed out of hand in South Australia (maybe Australia-wide, who knows?). No matter how well-qualified you might be, you will find most people have to re-start at the bottom over here, whether they like it or not. That said, a number of Poms I know and meet through my line of work, particularly trades people, tell me that they are earning more over here than they were in the UK and that their Aussie employers prefer Poms or Brits or whatever we want to call ourselves, to Aussies, because of a better work ethic. For many tradespeople the working hours are preferable, usually 7.00 am to 2.30 or 3.00 pm as well. I know that won't particularly interest you but I put that comment in as others thinking of coming to Adelaide will be reading this too.

If you aren't afraid of hard work then you should be more than OK and if your are not, then find an employer who appreciates your efforst when you are here.

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Is there any chance you can change it to Victoria, New South Wales or Western Australia? If so it would well be worth it.


Adelaide is a back water and will be dead for a few years yet. I've been looking to change jobs for months, there hasn't been one advertised (its word of mouth here) but there's 10-15 advertised DAILY in Melbourne.


Save yourself. Head elsewhere.

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The job market at the moment is tough, it is supply and demand. Some people will still be in demand for their trades or skills and for others there will be an over supply. Some will walk straight into a job and others won't. Although your attitude to taking an entry level position is commendable, you have to put yourself in the recruiters position and why would they put an accountant with lots of experience in that role, when there will be plenty of entry level people applying for the roles. People often think they will try and get a lower level job, but there is just as much competition for these roles, sometimes more.

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