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  1. xzibit

    Buying a new car

    There's a few Kia dealers around the suburbs. When you're here, find out the closest one to you and go get a deal. Don't let them know you're fresh off the boat though. Do you know what model you want? Si, SLi or Platinum? I can recommend Wayne Phillis Kia at Reynella, but if you're North, it won't be much use. You can usually get about 12% off sticker price over here, if you're good at haggling. I'll say again, don't let them know you've just arrived.
  2. xzibit

    How we compare...earnings / mortgages

    I think you misread my post. I didn't say $120k was plenty, I said that there's plenty of jobs paying $120k.
  3. xzibit

    How we compare...earnings / mortgages

    Plenty of jobs pay $120k plus in Adelaide. $80k-$90k is about average.
  4. xzibit

    Black corner sofa - free

    After 14 enquiries after 6 minutes on gumtree it's safe to say this has gone.
  5. Ideal as a temporary sofa, leather is peeling in a few areas but a throw would hide that. Located in Happy Valley
  6. xzibit

    Which radio station for you?

    Radio 1 streamed typically. If in the car and it's not a great time for UK radio then probably Nova but mostly the iPod
  7. Mark, for mountain biking look on Facebook for a group called Phat Forkers and for road a group called the muddies. Both based down south.
  8. Sea salt can be blown in land up to 5km depending on the local terrain. However, most of the time about a km from the sea is the area effected. We used to live at Brighton about 300m east of the train station (1 km inland) and quite often had the car covered in sea salt.
  9. xzibit

    Merida road bike

    Damn not surprised lol that's $800 of bike
  10. xzibit

    Merida road bike

    What frame size is it?
  11. xzibit

    Merida road bike

    This is based in Brisbane?
  12. xzibit

    Electrical engineering jobs

    Can you send me a pm with a bit of info about him and his experience, I work with many services consultants and may be able to recommend him some companies to approach.
  13. xzibit

    Seaford Meadows

    I have relatives that live at Seaford meadows and each time we go to visit I feel a little more like I'll be coming back to my car on bricks. It was always going to happen with the amount of trust housing and being dirt cheap to buy land due to being so far from the city. A shame as it was a nice place 5 years ago.
  14. Most houses in the UK are brick, 50mm air space, 100mm insulation, and then thermally rated blockwork. Double brick house here are just that. Brick, 50mm cavity, brick.
  15. Lol wut?? Some jumpers would be cheaper. $1200 for a quarter? That's insane! We are with agl on a standard deal. And not careful with usage. Everything left on stand by. In our last place we had ducted but no gas and our quarterly electric bills were about $280.

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