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Job Freeze in Adelaide?

Guest missy

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Guest missy

Hi guys


My OH and I have decided to move from Perth to Adelaide but I need to somehow secure work first. In my opinion, I'm not sure it's possible to get work before we leave. I'd rather pick up and go ASAP then start looking but my partner thinks its probably more sensible to search before and try and secure a role beforehand.


I have decided to search online via SEEK for jobs but I just don't see as much 'opportunity' here for me. I work in Administration/Account Management however I don't have any tertiary qualifications (I'm currently deciding on what to study).


Ive also had a look at the government website but again not a lot of options. My partner is a nurse so he's fine apparently there's plenty of agency work available - or has that changed?


I wanted to ask whether there was some sort of job freeze on, or if its just the time of year (end of financial year) or is this common for those that do not work in government or healthcare?


Should I use a recruitment agent?


I'm really concerned...the market I would like to get into is pre-start/client liaison but there isn't much of a demand for them here, so I guess I've got to look at one thing else until that great job comes along...until that time does come - what sector would be best targeted?


Any advice would be appreciated., thanks.

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Hi Missy - For admin positions in government there is a bit of a freeze on at the moment. Most government departments have been given a directive that they hire internal staff "up to a particular classification" as there is a target of reductions that needs to be met. So if a position becomes vacant then there are a "pool" of staff that they are meant to select from. it doesn't always work and that is why you will see some jobs come up advertised externally. It is probably best to get some temp work through a recruitment agency and I think making some contact from now makes a lot of sense, although they will want to meet you and for you to go through the process once you are over here. Not sure what the best agencies are as I have lost touch with that side of it. Cheers Kris

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Have you looked on this thread regarding nursing info, you might find it useful..




I was talking to a recruitment agency contact this week and they were saying some Government Depts have bans on recuitment.


One of my recruitment agency contacts has been made redundant due to the downturn in work and I have been told others in the sector have been made redundant or are on reduced hours. They are all fighting over the temp/contract roles to place people.


The job market in general terms is tough at the moment and has been for the past 6-12 months in my opinion. I do a lot of contract roles (my choice) and I have always ensured that I keep my skills up to date and I have deliberately gained work experience and qualifications in different fields so this gives me more roles to apply for and keeps me as employable as possible. Gone are the days of having a job for life, my advice is people need to take a pro-active approach to their careers.


It is supply and demand, some roles/skills are still in demand and people will find work easily whereas for others there is a lot of competition for the roles.


There are jobs where there are still shortages, for example the role I am contracting in now they struggled to find someone with the skill set they were looking for and I was offered the role straight away in the interview. Also I applied recently for another contract role and the agency rang last week to do a phone interview but I missed the call, now often this can mean you have missed your chance but because it is a specialised area I was confident they would contact me again and they did. You are having to jump through more and more hoops now to get work in my opinion.


I guess I am saying it is not all doom and gloom but you need to give yourself a fighting chance, if that makes sense!

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Guest missy

Hi Kris & Jessica


Thanks for responding to my post, you've been really helpful. It's good to get an idea of the current situation overall.


I've known for a little while that my skills need updating but I've been hesitant - I don't want to 'waste time' studying a field that I may not be able to get work in but at the same time I really want to enjoy my job/course.


A bit of a disheartener but maybe we can make it work somehow. I wonder how long the job freeze will go on for?

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