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Aged Parent Visa: Subclass 804 (Urgent)

Guest jamesb

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Guest jamesb



I have also read the following article but would like to know more about Subclass 804:



My parents are 69 and 67. They both are in Australia at the moment. We have to make a decision this week or next week whether to go ahead with Subclass 143 (Contributory Parent Visa) or switch the application to Subclass 804 (Aged Parent Visa) because the total amount we need to spend for both of my parents will be over AUD $100,000.


I have a few questions about Subclass 804:


1. Can my parents apply for Subclass 804 while they are in Australia with the tourist visa (I think that it is Subclass 676).


2. I am not sure whether it is important. They have 8503 restriction on their visa, which says they cannot apply for any visa within Australia. Does this restriction covers for Subclass 804?


3. How long does this visa normally take? (I was told from 8 to 10 years)


4. Can my parents remain in Australia once the application has been submitted?


Please advise as soon as possible.

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The 8503 restriction means that they cannot apply for ANY substantive Visa. This will include the 804 as it is a substantive Visa. Why do they have the 8503 clause.??? It is not usual with a tourist visa.


In answer to your other questions. If they were in a position to apply for an 'onshore 804 visa' They would be able to remain in Australia on a bridging visa A (which they would be granted if the application is valid)


The wait is anything from 8-12 years at the moment I believe but the bridging visa would allow them to stay. During this 8-12 years there are various other stages like medicals etc. My mum has been on a bridging visa A for 3 years and has not been required to have the medical yet.


Hope that helps



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