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    This was going to wait until I came out of hospital. However as I've received 5 reported posts in the last few days regarding the same post and numerous other reported posts from certain business owners, I have realised that it cannot wait and at their request I am taking action NOW.


    Remember the mods are not the ones who review the rules, this has been done by admin in response to a number of complaints and PM's.







    The new changes to the forum rules are below.





    The following changes will be taking affect from the 1st June (provided I am out of hospital by then).









    Recommendation Forum





    * The Recommendation Section of the forum will be removed. However, if a member is seeking a recommendation for business services required, these posts will be permitted on the forum. Any post that, in the opinion of admin or the mod team is seen to circumnavigate the advertising rules, will be deleted.





    Accommodation And Real Estate Section





    * The Accommodation Available Section will be removed from the forum and no further free advertising will be permitted in posts/threads. This includes comments on threads in any section of the site advising members that you (or friends) can help or "pm me I can help".





    * The Renting And Real Estate section of the forum will be for general information on renting in Adelaide and South Australia and also lease breaks (providing permission is sought for these from the mods prior to posting).



    * Property owners are welcome to create a business signature as per the forum rules.



    All other business advertising;





    * Business members may have a business signature. These are a great way of promoting your online business and we encourage their use on the board and within profiles.





    • Please keep business signatures to a maximum of two lines of plain text. Do not include any images/smilies, large text or banners. The only exception to the two line rule is for migration agents who are permitted three lines, due to the requirement to display their Migration Agent Registration Number.





    • One external link to your business website is allowed in a signature. Phone numbers and social networking links are not to be included in a business signature. Email may be included if you do not have an official website link to include.





    • Business signatures must also be clear of font colouring and styling. Examples of which may include bold or italic styling.





    Site Sponsors


    Site sponsors will be the only ones permitted to promote themselves across the forum.








    Language - Swear words that used to be totally unacceptable 10 years ago are now used in daily life, we will therefore be more lenient with words like sh1t, FGS, FFS and the like. However there are still words we will not permit therefore your post may be edited/deleted if deemed necessary.





    Social Events





    These may be promoted across the forum as long as:



    * They are a non-profit event

    * They are for charity

    * They do not direct members to other sites, Facebook and other social networking sites.










    Please note: We are seeing more and more people using the blogs for general chit chat, this is what the main forum is for, especially the Barbie Section. The blogs are intended to be a diary for members to use for their journey in or to Australia. Mods will check the blogs on a regular basis and edit/remove posts if needed.

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    I want to thank the members who have pmd me in support of the new rules especially the property/business owners.


    ​In regards to feedback received we are going to permit business owners who have an ABN an extra line for them to display this number.

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    Just sending a quick reminder of the changes coming in to affect next week.

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    Also adding to this from the 1st June the Business adverts will also disappear

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