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Barossa restaurant recommendations!!!


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In rough price order:

If you want amazing but OMG look at the bill then go to Appelation at the Louise. They have a very good 6 course taster menu including wine (infact the wine takes president over the food). My meal really was something to remember.

Fermentasia in Tanunda is amazing Asian food. Very good and need to book a couple of weeks ahead as only open certain days. Similar price to Vintners.

Vintners next to the Farmers market. Good normal price restaurant.

1918 in Tanunda and Salters at Saltrams Winery Angaston are good but Salters can be a bit noisy when its busy.

Sorby Adams in Angaston - not yet been but walk past it everyday. More a lunchtime place - its the cellar door for their wines but the food board always looks fresh.

Many of the cellar doors do lunches - Hentley Farm is supposed to be good.

Hope this helps.


Note that many restaurants up here close by 9pm!! When I ask for a table at 8 they tend to be a bit taken a back.

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Thank you - a bit of local knowledge goes a long way :-)


I had found Appelation when doing some research so think we may go with that. Unfortunately I will be designated driver but I'm sure everyone else will appreciate the fine wine! Thanks also for the lunch ideas.


Actually, if I could carry on picking your brain..... What's the farmers market like? We were thinking of heading there to pick up some stuff for tapas and just having a bit of everything for dinner on the Saturday night? If its mostly produce that's probably not such a good idea!

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Bummer if you're the driver - the wine is the staring role.


The farmers market is good. I'm a bit synical and think its maybe becoming a tourist destination in its own right but I regularly get fruit, veg, and some meats. Compared to supermarket fruit it tends not to last as well but thats the downside of it being ripe. Meat is good but expensive - again we are price skewerd by the supermarkets. There are stalls selling fresh bread, cakes, olives, dried meats, etc. I'm lazy I tend to rock up around 10.30 so often theres things that are sold out. Earlier you arrive the better. Whether you buy or not its quite a pleasant moring out.


​Hope you enjoy it.

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Guest Guest12727

Lunch at Maggie Beer's. Bit like a ploughman's lunch, with opportunity to try several of the Maggie Beer products, in a nice setting. You might get a cooking demo too if the timing is right.

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