Regional Skilled Migration Scheme vs 475 Visa

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    Hi all,


    In the process of applying for my visa and with the legislation change on the 475 our visa application has changed to a regional skilled migration scheme.

    I am being sponsered by a company in Adelaide so this will help but was wondering what the key differences in the 2 visas are and what the timelines are for the new visa.

    I was told the 475 would go though in about 4 weeks, but potentially the other visa could take up to 6 months??

    Also I was told that if we chose to go back to the UK the superannuation could be claimed back, would this be the same on the new visa?


    I have tried searching(here and google) but cannot find the relevant answers, so hoping the forum could help a newbie out




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    Rsms is a permanent visa, but you are tied to the employer for two years. The time it is taking as varying hugely at the moment. There are lots of people on the rsms on poms in oz who have been waiting over a year.


    Personally, I wanted to have the security of a permanent visa as soon as I could, even if it meant stating in my job for two years.

    The superannuation thing I'm not sure on I'm afraid.

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