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Mechanic wages & tools

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Hi all!


Just wondering if there are any mechanics out there who are willing to share their wages & what type of garage they work in - independent, chain, dealer etc, & perhaps where it is located (north, hills, south, CBD etc).


I've read all over about average wages, approximate wages, but would love to hear from those actually working to hopefully give me a better idea of what I am likely to be able to earn, if I can get a job when we come over.


Also - i have a large selection of tools & gear and wondered what you took over, what you wish you had taken if you left anything behind, and how you got them over there. We're unsure as yet, whether we'd be taking all our furniture, but if it was the quickest way to get the tools out there, we probably would. If there may be a way to just ship the tools reasonably quickly on their own, we'd likely sell furniture & start again.




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Hi Tom, I brought everything in our container. Large double roll cab, snap on trolley and boxes of diagnostic gear. Glad I did as things are much more expensive here. (so is furniture so I would bring all yours!)

First job I got was at an independant garage, salary was $52K + super. Don't get sucked into doing the exchange rate and thinking its a lot, its not!

Main dealers pay around the same or less unless you are master tech status. Heavy goods mechanics get much more but most require experience with Mack/Kenworth.

Be prepared to go back in time, you have to reset your calender as well as your watch when you come to SA! Bring any imperial stuff you have and dust off your feeler gauges, you will need them for the old clunkers.

That should give you some things to think about for now but any questions, just ask!


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Guest Claire-n-tel
Hi all!


Just wondering if there are any mechanics out there who are willing to share their wages


Ooohhh.....i don't mind what job you do if you are willing to share your wages!:wink:

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