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Starting our journey - excited


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We're a family of 5 me, husband & 3 girls 9,8 &5 oh and our wee dog. We've made the decision that we're definitely going for it. My first question, of many no doubt, is we're currently waiting for our new passports to arrive should we wait for them to arrive before submitting our EOI? Should have said we're going for the 489 my husband is a painter & decorator. I've started to gather all our evidence together & decided not to use an agent as it seems pretty straightforward enought.


Karen & Alex xx

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Hi. Has your OH taken the IELTS? Most of us needed it for the points and some need it for skills assessment. Then he'll need a positive skills assessment. This all needs to be done before you can lodge an EOI. Just a heads up. There's lots of knowledgable people on here very happy to help. Welcome and good luck

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Thanks for the reply. No my OH hasn't taken the IELTs as we've got enough points without it & he's dyslexic so quite happy he doesn't need to do that. Just desperate to properly start the process. Need to look onto the skills assessment l thought as he had his trade papers then that was enough? X

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alexandkaren, do yourself a favour and speak to a migration agent informally as it sounds like you will need some initial guidance. We went through the current system although very early on (first month) and did not succeed with our EOI until the 2nd month despite being a 80 point candidate.


The whole exercise can be expensive, long winded, contain many ups and downs but once complete presents you with one of life's best opportunities.


Best of luck with it all and pm me if wanted as been through the system myself although not an expert.



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