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Scottish Nurse looking for work

Guest abigailtm

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Guest abigailtm

Hey everyone,


My name is Abigail and I'm qualifying as a registered nurse in September this year.


Is there anyone aware of any jobs going that would be willing to take on a newly qualified nurse?


My family are moving out to Adelaide in September so I'm really keen to try and get a job without having to stay in the UK to gain experience.


I have 4 months experience in Surgical - High Dependency Unit and Orthopedic Trauma, 2 months experience in community nursing, renal dialysis and respiratory medicine.


I'm heading over to Adelaide for 5 weeks initially in September so if there is anyone that I could be directed to to speak to you that would be such a great help for me! I'm looking for all the help I can get just now!





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Guest Claire-n-tel

Hi Abigail!


You would be very unlikely to get a job as a newly qualified nurse here, you would have to gain a graduate position and there are not even enough for the nurses qualifying here.


Your "experience" whilst a student is not really experience in those areas, it would just be counted as your general training.


What visa do your family heve and are you included as a dependant on it?


There is nothing stopping you contacting the hospitals here regarding graduate possitions but i wouldn't get your hopes up.



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Guest abigailtm

Hi Claire,


Thank you for replying. It's so frustrating that I'm going to need experience :( I'm not included as a dependent on my parents visa in case I need to stay in the UK for a bit.


I will keep trying for positions, I had looked at the graduate programmes but you're right in saying that they fill up quickly and priority is given to Australian citizens.


I got in touch with an agency who have told me they require 12 months post registration experience but have offered me a HCA position while I am in Adelaide... So hopefully that will help!

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