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Free Cinema Ticket for Monday 12th May

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Although it's not very social because I only have one!


I've been given a cinema ticket from our children's school to celebrate Volunteer Day (I go in and help out with gardening and cooking) but it's for Monday 12th May at 9.30am at the Noarlunga Cinema. Unfortuantely I have a child to take to the dentist (in Noarlunga) at 9am grrrr..... There is a choice of 5 films to choose from: Captain America, Cuban Fury, Noah, The Grand Budapest Hotel (which would have been my choice) and The Monuments Men and the letter with the ticket suggests arriving early to have more of a chance of seeing the film you want.


I think it would be quite decadent to watch a film at 9.30 in the morning and on your own but alas teeth win.


If anyone would like the ticket please pm me.

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Thank goodness no-one wanted this because the dentist cancelled yesterday morning at 8.10 so I was able to go and be as decadent as I fancied...


Although old people are almost as noisy as children in a cinema; all those sweet wrappers, at least there was no popcorn throwing.

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I was there super early (8.50!) so, despite the jostling elbows of the over 60's (and I know I sound horribly rude but the majority of others there were definitely much older than me so I'm only being truthful :P ), I managed to get a seat for The Budapest Grand Hotel, which I enjoyed very much. Not an awful lot happens but it was very entertaining and is something I probably wouldn't have seen anytime soon - it's the kind of film I get to watch on plane journeys.

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