DVD sale all suitable for oz region

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    I have for sale the following DVDs that we no longer need as the kids are too grown up lol


    RV runaway vacation- PG- $3

    Different strokes, complete first season- G- $5

    Magic in the water- G- $3

    Tooth fairy- G- $2

    How to loose a guy in 10 days- PG- $3

    Mamma Mia- PG- $4

    White wolves- PG- $3

    The Simpsons- PG-$3

    The silver brumby- U- $2

    Good boy (dog movie) - G- $3

    The biscuit eater- G- $3

    Fluke- PG-$3

    3 disc set-

    1) Aquamarine

    2) Just my luck

    3) Flicka 1 all PG $5

    Doctor Doolittle 1&2- M- $5


    Please Pm if you are interested





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