LG Fridge Freezer For Sale

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    We have s LG fridge freezer for sale in as new condition. In white bottom mount (freezer at bottom) with a total capacity of 305L (183 fridge & 122 freezer). Height is 1726, Width is 595, and Depth is 651.


    All yours for $400 to be collected from Christies Beach. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1410772172.817073.jpg




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    Just found out we can hire a van for the day so we could pick it up next week if that's okay as we need to buy most goods for the house so going to try to do it all on one day . Can you keep it till Saturday at the latest as we sign for our long term rental on monday and move in Saturday but if they let us put some stuff in before Saturday i will let you know thanks

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