Short term accommadation needed

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    hey guys,Timmie here,

    hope everyone had a good christmas?

    we are just over 6 weeks away from our move now and are very excited,,

    can anyone recommend some short term accommadation or any tips on where to look.

    we want to stay in town for te first few weeks to get sorted.

    thanks guys

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    In and around the CBD I can't think of anything specific. You probably need to search for 'short term rental, holiday let CBD Adelaide' or some such and see what turns up. I know near where my hubby used to live a couple started a B&B that has proved popular enough they are still doing it quite a few years later.


    If there are just 2 of you you could also consider the local YH in the CBD. No idea what their rates are like though and there is probably going to be a high turnover of people passing through and it'll be busy.

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