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Suburb chat forum - What's it all about?

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    This area of the forum was created to give people a specific place to chat about suburbs of Adelaide and towns around SA. Not solely confined to the Adelaide area as SA is a pretty big state and some of our members do look to live elsewhere.

    What goes here? If you've a question about a specific suburb, want to get general feedback, find out what facilities a suburb or area may offer you, those sorts of things can all be posted here. Also general chit chat about suburbs can also go here :)


    Don't worry if you post something in here and are not sure its better here or another area of the forum. Can be a bit awkward sometimes knowing where the best place for something is. Mods are on hand to move a thread if its felt better suited elsewhere. If you post in this forum and then can't find your thread, check your profile for latest started threads and see where it from there. We'll try to leave a week long re direct when a thread is rehomed in or out of here but that may not always happen.





    While I am here I'll use this post to explain the Suburb Guides forum that is also being rolled out in the coming couple of weeks.



    The Suburb Guide forum is starting out covering suburbs that are popular with migrants. These will be added to over time to hopefully give people a handy point of reference for many suburbs.


    It is intended to be an impartial guide to suburbs and to give information on facilities and will have a growing list of suburbs from all over Adelaide. Each suburb guide will give a general run down of the facilities. Including property prices, distance from CBD, public transport options, local facilities, schools, kindy, playgroups, playparks, sports clubs, and more.


    This forum is a closed forum and cannot be posted to, it is for reference only. If you then wish to post anything regarding a suburb you can do so here in Suburb Chat :)


    If when browsing the Suburb Guide forum you find a link is out of date or not longer active please report the post and let us know which one and we can fix the link or amend the post accordingly.


    If you wish to suggest a suburb or town to be added to the Suburb Guide, please PM either @snifter or @Blossom and we'll try to get the suburb added in the not too distant future. If you wish to compile information on a suburb or to suggest info/links we can include, again, please PM us and let us know. Always happy if members wish to help out in this respect.


    Thanks in advance :smile:

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