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    Just posting a reminder about our forum rules regarding FB mentions and the like. Some may not be aware we have forum rules :biggrin: or perhaps have read them and forgotten (there are a fair few lines of text to read through after all :cute: ).



    Anyways, we generally don't allow mentions of personal FB or direct links to FB on the open forum but in recent times I've relaxed the linking to FB pages for social events/groups on occasion in Socialising and other areas of the forum if no other website link is available. Mods are currently assessing FB links on a case by case basis so please don't be offended if a mod removes a FB link you post or if its swapped for an official website link instead.


    Please don't go crazy FB linking to every event going :unsure::cute:. Of course its nice to share but we'd prefer people link to official websites (or the websites relevent page for the event) in the first instance but realise that some organisations perhaps don't have an official website. So a FB page is acceptable then (provided its suitable for a family forum). Or if its a social event being set up and is only on FB then we are happy to leave the FB link up till the event has passed. We will remove these FB links once the event has passed.


    We prefer website links. As popular as FB is, not everyone uses it and FB links only work if you are a member with an account on FB. Websites don't have this closed door policy.


    Please do not post your personal FB info on the open forum.


    If you are wanting to post to promote a charity event, please see our rules re charity events and advertising here - Please contact myself, @snifter or @Blossom should you have any questions regarding this.


    Thanks in advance



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