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    We have just been granted our PR visas and are flying out on 3rd nov, I am a reg nurse (who has offer of work when we have arrived) my OH will be looking for work when he gets there, he is a fully qualified builder (bricklayer and can plaster) 30 years experience. Does anyone have any advice on the work situation/demand?

    Thanks in advance x

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    Hi dianebell,

    There does seem to be plenty of work for trades right now. All the tradies that I know have a backlog of work. Our building industry is still buoyant. Your OH shouldn't struggle to find work. Many jobs will not be advertised. Walking onto existing sites and asking about vacancies would be a good idea. Have a look in the weekend newspaper (Sunday) to see where the display homes are...gives some idea of where some of the housing developments are situated.

    There may be people on here who are looking for builders. I recently saw ads asking for painters and carpenters on this site.


    Making contacts through local sports clubs (golf!) is useful.

    It would be an advantage to work for someone before going on your own. Building methods and materials are a little different. He could work towards getting his builders licence (courses available through TAFE or Master Builders.

    A good idea to register with CITB http://www.citb.org.au/ as courses will be discounted by having this registration.

    All the best with your move! :smile:

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