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Guest Chelseadownunder

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Guest Chelseadownunder

:jiggy:Any one know were we can get dancing lessons (EG Balroom/Salsa) in Adelaide. Dont laugh Im serious........................

Also breakdancing for our son and gymnastics for our daughter. Any help much appreciated

Scott (UK)

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Hi there not sure if you mean in the UK or here,

In Adelaide there are lots of places that teach ballroom/salsa etc.

www.genekelly.com.au or www.arthurmurraysa.com.au or www.dancecorp.com.au usually your frst lesson is free.

The Funk Factory at www.acpa.com.au and www.glowentertainment.com.au still do breakdancing, but most studios have gone to hiphop instead.


Gymnastics clubs are listed at www.gymsa.com.au , most areas have a club which will have recreational and competition tracks. There is a school here that the state juniors go to called Ascot Park primary where the kids have their schoolwork centred arround their training and they get bussed to and from the gym.


Hope this helps and I hope you weren't looking for info about UK stuff cos I can't help there :)

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Guest Chelseadownunder

Thanks Rachie that was brill. Whats South Plympton like. Trying to get an idea of areas. Has it got new house. Is it nice, facilites schools etc....Thanks for your help


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No the houses here were built just after the war for returned servicemen. There are also some older houses that were here before they developed the area. Some people are knocking down the older houses and building new houses on the blocks, either one big house or two smaller ones semi detached. They call this a duplex here. The blocks of land are quite big.


South Plympton is about 6 kms out of town, it has several bus routes, the tram to Glenelg and the city and the train that goes between Noarlunga and the city.

There are about 3 small shopping centres and 1 large here and lots of restaurants. There are lots of parks. There is 1 christian school REception - yr 12 which is popular that has a sliding scale of fees depending on what you earn, 1 catholic school, 1 public primary school. There 2 kindys. Nearby there is a really good Catholic High school, it's private though as all catholic schools are here and the High school for the area is William Light which is also an R-12 school.


Crime is limited to burglary, theft from vehicles and a bit of graffiti. It is safe to walk around after dark. It's close to Marion Shopping Mall and the cinemas, Lots of beaches, Lazer skirmish, martial arts places, dance schools, soccer clubs, etc.


I like it here, it's easy for my kids to get to places by themselves and it's safe for them. They have never been hassled. They go with their friends down to Jetty Rd at Glenelg which has a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as the beach at the end of it and the Beach house which is a fun house type of thing with waterslides, and other stuff.

They also go to Marion Shopping centre to the cinemas there and all the shops, or they go into Rundle Mall. There is also an Ice rink not far away.




Have a look on www.realestate.com fr the types of houses here in South Plympton, there are some new ones and some of the older ones on there at the mo.

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