New family in the Glenelg area

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    Hey there,

    As a result of my husband's new job we're relocating to the Glenelg area from the Uk in a couple of weeks!!

    Would be interested to know if there's any mother and baby/social groups in the area...I have a little girl who is 4 months old and would love to make some new friends!

    I look forward to hearing from you :-)


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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)


    That is a quick move, lots to do.


    Playgroup wise there is this one not far away from Glenelg and an easy drive to get to. I've heard good things about it



    Also both libraries, one in Glenelg (just off Mosely Square near the beach) and the other in Brighton, so a few minutes drive along Brighton Rd have baby and toddler activities and groups



    There are plenty of other things on around and about but until you are here and know exactly where you will be living its hard to know quite where to point you. I don't want to confine you to a suburb as there are plenty of other groups and things in surrounding suburbs that can be reached with ease in the car inside of 10 minutes. Glenelg does have other playgroups and stuff but I'd need to go dig them out of my bookmarks later.


    Be aware your UK car seat won't be legal to use in Australia. Nor will the baby carrier if your LO is still in it. Aus has its own laws and testing on seats sold here, have to have passed Aus standards which is different from UK. I wrote some blurb on it all a fair while back and not much has changed in terms of types of seats etc



    Good luck with it all and keep us posted with how the move goes and once you are here. Always nice to hear from new arrivals/members :)


    The things that are changing/have changed are the height markers, so people don't move children up to the next stage based on weight as height is important also. And ISOFIX is a new thing here but not seeing much of it atm. Some companies are using it on some models but its been a slow move forward.


    This car seat FAQ answers lots of questions also


    Feel free to ask any car seat Q's here if you have them and I or others will do my best to help.

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