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New Glenelg foreshore playpark

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    We've been a few times since it opened the other week. Kids had a blast. Was really busy on the Sunday morning when we first went (we'd been to the Beach House for a couple of hours first) but there was still room for the kids and they loved loved loved the roundabout, slide and water. Have been a couple of times since, the most recent was yesterday morning on Australia Day. Was quiet to begin with as was pretty early but got busier later. Kids again had a great time.







    Look, old Scampi’s restaurant is now a $1.3m playground


    January 15, 2016 2:55pmEugene BoisvertGuardian Messenger


    1cd7e3a2ec863cae5152ccd437de01f6?width=650Sand and water are embraced in the new play space. Picture: Stephen LafferA SWEEPING new seaside playground has opened at one of Adelaide’s most popular beaches on the former site of a once-popular restaurant.

    And kids have already given the new $1.3 million play space on Glenelg’s foreshore which opened today the thumbs up.

    The playground — between the town hall and the jetty — includes an extra-wide slippery dip, in-ground trampolines, a hammock swing, a sandpit, a climbing dome, a cubby, a tunnel and rope activities.


    • 9c883df24dc0df82c9692ed0ddf1327f?api_key=e62jprfqb37dchg3qzg2jujrA bird’s-eye view of the new playground on the foreshore at Glenelg. Picture: Stephen Laffer
    • 00428ffc69c2afa4983a59ed455888b6?api_key=e62jprfqb37dchg3qzg2jujrPatrick, Eddie and Grace try out the new playground at Moseley Square in Glenelg. Picture: Stephen Laffer
    • 3fb1ffe541827b84297cb737515be511?api_key=e62jprfqb37dchg3qzg2jujrYoung friends on the new slide at the newly-opened beachside playground. Picture: Stephen Laffer
    • 9820900b0a3327f54111822fbdbde746?api_key=e62jprfqb37dchg3qzg2jujrThe new playground has been built where Scampi’s stood for many years.
    • e7dcb81bb3666229dbbe8a682be89cfe?api_key=e62jprfqb37dchg3qzg2jujrThe new play area, on the former Scampi’s restaurant site. Picture: Stephen Laffer
    • 7e75b7e7b9b3098bfc8263f500242a7e?api_key=e62jprfqb37dchg3qzg2jujrThe playground has embraced nature play. Picture: Stephen Laffer

    There is also a water play area for children with limited mobility.

    It was hoped the new play area would be open at the start of summer, however work on it was delayed by the discovery of an unmarked underground fire hydrant.

    Hundreds of youngsters turned out this morning to try the new play equipment and The Guardian was there to get the children’s first reaction to it.


    Riley, 9, described the new play space as “terrific”.

    “I like the slide and how it’s really close to the big Beachouse,” he said.

    Patrick, 8, was similarly impressed.

    “It’s quite good because it has things kids can play on,” he said.

    “It keeps them learning and facing fears like the climbing wall.”

    Holdfast Bay Mayor Stephen Patterson said the playground would be a year-round drawcard for Glenelg.

    “The community told us they would love to see opportunities for play in an informal, natural landscape shaded by trees and featuring water play,” Mr Patterson said.

    “Our playspace’s design reflects those preferences, so it’s not an off-the-shelf design — it has been custom-made specifically to meet our community’s brief.”


    The playground, built by LCS Landscapes for Holdfast Bay Council, is on the site of the former Scampi’s restaurant, which was demolished in June.

    This is the company that’s built the popular new playgrounds in Bonython Park and at the Adelaide Zoo.

    “Everyone’s loving it,” Ms Balmer said this morning.

    “We’re really impressed — it’s been a really collaborative process.”

    The design was developed by Amanda Balmer of WAX Designs, based on community consultation.

    The Federal Government contributed $500,000 to the work and the council the other $800,000.

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