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How easy is it to find work in Adelaide with a UK CTA qualifications?

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Hello all.


My other half is a chartered certified accountant (ACCA) with 9 years experience and is also a chartered tax adviser (CTA) with 5 years post qualification experience in tax compliance and advisory and she was wondering how easy it would be to transfer her skills to Oz with the ACCA and the CTA being vocational qualifications and not a university degree.


Also, are these skills much in demand? Any info regarding hours/salary would be appreciated.




Andrew (and Joanne)...

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I don't know if accountant is on the SOL or CSOL tbh. There seems to be on abundance of accountants here, least in Adelaide although I don't know what the job market is like for them.


I'd post and ask this over on our sister site, Poms in Oz http://www.pomsinoz.com/ as we have a fair few people over there with knowledge of the things you are asking.

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Hi Andrew and Joanne


I am a CTA too, and looking to move to Adelaide, wondering if you found out any information?





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HI NickyGaz.

We hit kind of a dead end. Joanne had an email conversation with CIOT in OZ and they were not really very helpful. Might have to speak to an Immigration agent as our next step or maybe just email some employment agencies and see who bites.


Good luck. Fingers crossed



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