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Dad and daughter looking for things to do

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My name is Martyn and i moved to Adelaide from Manchester with my wife Marie and 2 daughters Hallie aged 11 and Skyla aged 2. We moved into our new house in Halletts Cove last week, Marie started work today with Sa ambulance service and Hallie started school last week so it is just me and Skyla keeping each other company through the week ?

Does anyone know of any activities me and skyla could get up to around the Hallett cove area through the day within walking distance as my wife has the car until we buy another little run about.

Any help would be great!



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Welcome, hope your move has been easy and you're settling well. Start with your library, they'll definitely have activities and be able to point you in other directions too.

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Hi, thanks for replying. Yes the move has not been as stressful as we thought it would be and we are settled in our new home now. Yes i might have a walk over to the library as it is not too far from Hallies school, thanks for the advice ?

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Depending how far it is from you, the beach and conservation park could be an option. There are some lovely trails to take in the conservation park there and not too hard going for a little one (or if she needs to be popped up on your shoulders). Not really suitable for a pusher though I don't think. You don't have to hike miles or anything, can take a simple steady wander. Cafe at the start there by the carpark and beach. 


There is also Glade Crescent reserve. Has a play park I seem to recall. 

Also check local listings for play groups. Usually run by local churches but sometimes by other groups. 

Outside of that, can't really think of much else. Its a pretty residential area tbh and doesn't have a huge amount going on.

If you are relying on public transport, you could take the train to Marion for a swim at the SA Aquatic centre. Has a great little kids pool area and is a short walk from the Oaklands Park train station on the line 




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