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Areas around Golden Grove

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I'd just like to get a sense of what it's like to live around Golden Grove and neighbouring areas as you seem to get a lot of property compared to the Eastern Suburbs and just wanted to understand what the positives are and the downsides versus Eastern areas, or areas like Belair or even down to Craigburn Farm.  We've not moved yet, but have already been out and looked at some schools and we're looking at ones around Burnside and whilst we'd love to live nearer the school, we also want to maximise our budget on a bigger house, but not be completely offset by long travel times.  Commuting is not to much of an issue as we work and commute into London, so any commute has to be more favourable than the ones we have today.

If anyone has a view on these areas, and what the journey would be like at school run time to Burnside area it would be great to hear.  Our desired area is Eastern Suburbs, but when you see some lovely houses in other areas it makes you think, but then makes you think what the compromises would be in living there.

Any suggestions on other areas would be most welcomed too.

Look forward to any comments.


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I don't know Golden Grove at all tbh. I had a quick look on the map and its quite far up (at least to me). Going on realestate.com.au the suburb itself seems to be chock full of the newer build larger properties with fairly hefty price tags. And some more reasonably priced smaller slightly older houses too. It does seem to be a little close-ish to areas that are a lot less price wise. I doubt that would affect your daily living but you might want to research surrounding suburbs, facilities, shops/malls etc to make sure it suits your needs. 

I'd suggest renting somewhere in the short term and getting your bearings and checking out what appeals. You also mention Burnside, Belair and Craigburn Farm. All of those tend to be rather pricey also and vary greatly in terms of what sort of property. Belair is up in the foothills and you can drop down the hill and be into the CBD pretty easily. Same as you could from Golden Grove I'd imagine. Just the landscape would be very different. Burnside is more eastern and lovely but pricey again. Craigburn Farm is up past Belair and is mostly newer build houses. I find it rather meh around that estate personally (I'd quite possibly not like Golden Grove for similar reasons looking at whats on the market round there) but different folks and all that 🙂

School wise, if you are opting for a state school, then you'd need to live in the zone if high school and possibly for some primary schools. So no point wanting to go to a school in Burnside area if living in Craigburn Farm. If you are looking at private schools then you can of course send them anywhere. I'd not want to be too far away from school though if you also have a commute to work, unless its on the way and you can drop off easily. Else you are going to be trying to get through rush hour traffic one way to then go back the other for work. Or you could use the school bus I guess but that doesn't suit everyone. 

I had another look at the map and Golden Grove is a few KM's more into the CBD than we have coming up from the south in the foothills. I make it about 5-7 minutes more travel time, perhaps 10-15 in rush hour?? 



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