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    As mentioned earlier in a different post by Diane I think, the scholarship application season is approaching. The Advertiser has begun to carry the ads for the scholarship tests.


    Academic scholarships: most schools use the same tests set by Acer and the kids all sit for it on the same day regardless of which schools they are applying for. Most of these scholarships are only part scholarships, but most schools will have at least one full one. www.acer.edu.au/acep Schools offer scholarships for entry into yr 7/8(a lot of them begin their secondary at yr7) and then some for yrs 9-11. The test is 7 Feb 2009 for entry into yr 7/8 or whatever in 2010. It cost about $90 per school and closing date is 9 January 2009. You can apply online and they have a list of schools taking part, but pretty much all main privates in Adelaide.


    IGNITE special entryi nto yr 8 to Glenunga, Aberfoyle Park and The Heights state high schools. The tests are usually sat for in yr 7, but some sit in yr 6 as practice. Acceptance allows children to progress in subjects or across the whole curriculum at a faster rate so high school may be completed in 4 years instead of 5 and some students can end up sitting yr 12 subjects in yr 10 depending on their capabilities. Glenunga has a fast track where yr 8 and 9 are combined into 1 yr. The tests are usually around the same time as the independent school scholarship tests. They have the same format but have a reasoning IQ test using Ravens matrices. http://www.igniteprogram.com/program.shtml.


    Principals or All rounders scholarships : These don't usually have a test and you apply directly to the school. You usually have to provide evidence of achievement in school, get recommendation letters, show evidence of participation in extra curricular things at school and any involvement in out of school activities such as church groups, youth movements like scouts, voluntary work, other interests such as sporting teams. Once submitted there is usually an interview with you and your child.


    Music scholarships : Schools usually stipulate which grade in their instrument the child needs to be at. Application is directly to the school. Your child usually has to play 2 different pieces but can be on more than 1 instrument. Theremay also be a pitch test. Interviews are usually combined with the audition. Auditions for special music entry to Marryatville and Brighton and Fremont state high schools is usually around the same time.


    Peforming Arts scholarships : Dance or drama scholarships. Apply directly to the school. In drama usually a piece or two has to be prepared,but sometimes it involves a workshop aswell. Dance usually is a class, sometimes a piece is asked for. Include in application all performances, experiences, workshops, master classes undertaken and dance exams/ certificates.


    Visual Arts scholarships : Usually a portfolio of work is submitted, and then a workshop at the school sometimes occurs. This will be combined with the interview. Apply directly to the school.


    Other scholarships : Old scholars if you can rustle up a relative, Equity type to allow an entrance to a child who would otherwise not be able to attend( usually look for an all rounder or a specific talent or community involvement and the parents income is then taken into account) Boarding and Isolated child scholarships.


    All schools usually offer academic scholarships and music, but only some offer other ones.


    Go to the school's websites individually to view what's on offer.


    Just a note for those considering or going to Woodcroft next year they have 20th anniversary gifts offering 1/2 tuition at rec, yr 8 . Don't know if it's just for one year but you have to apply by 20th Oct.

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    Guest macu68

    Rachiegarlo, you are fabulous, all your education posts and replies are very well informed, I read them all. Thankyou for all your time and effort. We have 3 children and we are slowly reading up about education and the way it works in Adelaide and trying to find out enough about the schools we like to make an informed decision from the other side of the world!!


    Thankyou, keep up the good work.


    Mary x :):)

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