Year 12s 2008

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    Well I have just come back from my daughter's valedictory service at her school.This is the final farewell assembly for this year's yr 12s. There are only about 65 yr 12s at my daughter's school, it being quite small but they really value each girl and it showed in the congrats and hugs from their teachers and the younger students. The speeches acknowledged them and what is to come and then they were all presented with a farewell gift.The sun was shining outside and although the girls were tearful, the morning tea after cheered them up.


    So as my 2nd child reaches the end of the school journey I now have a breather for a few years from coming home after a late shift to Mum I need help with....., a face full of woe and knowing this help means the small hours of the morning! Now there willbe only one lot of uniforms to account for and the youngest will not be short of white socks :D. So Swot Vac begins .......


    Good luck to anybody who has a child in yr 12, only a few more weeks until exams are finished and the nail biting wait for results. Wow her high school years have flown by and especially this year.It doesn't seem long ago that we were preparing her at the start of the year with study plans(seemed to fall off the universe along the way),going to the yr 12 info for parents thingies and now hopefully she'll be off to uni next year.

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    Guest Libby1971

    Oh hun, what a moment. It has all gone so quickly...I am sure she'll love the memories. Good luck with your littlie.


    Our year 12s have been great, no eggs!!!!!

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