Guest mandmick

Can I buy a house without validation??

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    Guest mandmick

    Our visas have finally been granted and we have to take our passports to our agent..

    Does the visa get stamped at this stage or the validation stage?????

    Can we buy a house now without FRIB approval??? or do we need to validate?


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    Hi Mandmick


    You do not become a Permanent Resident of Australia until you have validated your visa. That final step has to be taken in order to clinch the whole thing.


    Therefore I reckon you probably would need FIRB consent if you want to buy a house before validating your visas, though the FIRB are not DIAC's puppet so their rules may well differ from DIAC's.


    In your shoes, I would ask the FIRB.


    Best wishes



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    Guest mandmick

    Finally got the answer, after going mad!


    Called FIRB they said don't need approval,

    Sent them e mail, they said we need approval!

    Asked agent who said we don't need approval!

    E mailed FIRB again, who said they got it wrong we don't need approval!!!!!


    So, anyone who wants to buy before validating, you can!!!

    You just need the visa stamp in your passport...

    Makes a mockery of the whole validating rule then really!!

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