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Rob and Mel

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Tv over here works the same as the UK. If you get a TV with a HD box built in you will pick up all the digital channels and the HD channels. Most new TVs here have boxes built in. You can still get analogue TV....theres usually a button to switch between analogue and digi.


If you get a standard def TV with a box built in you wont be able to recieve the HD content.


No TV licence either!!!



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Thanks For reply...

Just to clear things up...

The digital receiver will receive the Oz broadcasts?

Or will we have to get another box to get the Oz channels?

If this is the case then we should get a tv out there.


Just looking at new tvs here and trying to work out should we get a new one and bring it with us(very cheep here) or buy one out there?


Thanks Rob

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Guest Kazzarazza

Hi. You could check out www.thegoodguys.com.au or www.harveynorman.com.au to get some idea of current prices. They are two of the most popular retailers, but there are laods more if you check out the Yellow Pages. I don't know what prices are like today in the UK, or what the service is like, but in Sept 06 when I was home visiting my parents, you still couldn't get HD digital for free to air TV, you had subscribe to Sky. Guess things have changed.

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Hey Rob.


Just to clear things up a bit...


A UK HDTV that has a built-in freeview tuner will work just fine over here BUT the built-in freeview tuner will not. Many UK HDTVs have multisystem analogue tuners that should work fine over here but what's the point??


The Australian market has a very good selection of flatscreen TVs - similar in many ways to the UK but they tend to sell more of the larger screens than in the UK, on average. I agree with Dan - definitely buy a new HDTV over here, particularly as you'll be able to use the manufacturer's warranty and could also benefit from reasonably-priced extended warranties; Harvey Norman sell an extra 4 years on top for as little as $200, for a 50" screen.


Have a look at this site for an idea on what prices can be achievable, with a little haggling:




It's a little different over here in that you should never pay ticket price for anything, especially something as pricey as a new TV - HAGGLE, HAGGLE, HAGGLE.


If you want some advice on what to buy, why and how to connect it all together, drop me a PM when you get here ;-)


Good luck!




One thing though...if you're into your surround sound, the separates that make up a good system are definitely cheaper in the UK, especially if you hunt out some of the used bargains available in the classifieds from the good folk on www.avforums.com - AV fanatics tend to look after their kit a bit better than most - or some of last season's kit in Richer Sounds. Again, let me know if you want some advice.

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