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Mundane, yes, but I want to know!

Guest Alipally

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Guest Alipally

Which supermarket have you found yourself shopping in and why?


Have you been buying your fresh rproduce from butchers, fishmongers, and green grocers? If so, why did you choose to do that and which ones have you found provide the best quality/service/prices?


As I've dived straight into work, I've not really been afforded the luxury of taking my time to find:

where best deals are

Which is cheapest to shop at

Is the fresh stuff really of a better quality from the butcher/baker etc

Which brands give me the closest match to the dry/ tinned ingredients I've been used to cooking with in the UK..... BBQ stuff apart which is a whole new ball game to us!

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Well I usually do a main shop at Coles , they discount all their store baked bread and rolls usually to $1-1.50 every night ,also their BBQ chickens. They also discount their meat regularly when it gets close to date. This supermarket has a wide range of dry goods. because of being time poor I usually get fruit n veg there too but I like going to the central market, Saturday is good value because they bag up a lot of the produce and sell it for $1 a bag. Small fruit n veg shops are good too.

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Guest Richard & Amanda

I shop predominately at Woolies, it was strange getting used to Woolies selling food

but hey ho its all a learning curve. I love Woolies at Marion!


I didn't really like Coles (my opinion) it reminds me too much of Sainsburys and I didn't like Sainbury's at home, though in its favour it does tend to stock more of the british goods we are used to. Though probably can't afford anymore. I couldn't believe the price of Hellmans Mayo!!!! needless to say we have moved on from that!

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Guest Mick and Helen

God how I miss sainburys and the quality of the food, shopping I feel tends to be more traditionally and the quality in super markets has no comparison to England, but we have a lovely butchers (baa moo oink findon) and the green grocers have so much choice and the quality of the produce is better than the super markets.

Wish Asda or sainburys would get a store here.

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