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Cost of Uniforms?

Guest ReadyPenny

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Guest ReadyPenny

Hi Guys


Can anyone please tell me how much I am likely to pay for Amber's school uniform? She will be 11 in January and will hopefully be going to Belair Primary School.


I have looked on the website for Belair Schools, but as I am not sure which items are required I can't calculate the cost :chatterbox:


Would be grateful for any of your words of wisdom, as always!



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Hi there you can download a pricelist on their website. Primary school uniforms are usually a mix and match affair. They can wear anything off the list and whenever.They will not have a set PE uniform, they just do it in the uniform they are wearing. They wear trainers usually, but can wear sandals if not strappy in summer. Generally the kids just wear shorts and Polo in summer, girls sometimes wear a dress. In winter they wear the polo with a windcheater or fleecy jacket. The long sleeved rugby top is for when it starts to get cold, but not cold enough for the jacket or windcheater and trackpants or trousers. Looking at their list you wouldn't go wrong with.....


3 Polo shirts (1 on, 1 in the wash and 1 clean) They get hot and stinky in summer.....

A top for cooler days, start off with either the windcheater or the jacket.

1 or 2 pairs shorts ( knit)

bootleg pants(trousers)



They don't have to buy the schoolbag,they can use any.

You can also buy plain unlogoed polos,shorts and trousers,trackpants etc from places like Kmart, Big W in the school colours. These polos are about $8 instead of the $22 and if you buy Stubbies brand are good quality that last for a few years. I'd buy the shorts from the school, they are usually better quality. Trousers can be bought more cheaply from the other shops or you could buy some in UK before you leave.


Little girls usually wear a dress in summer,maybe the tunic or skirt in winter, but by your daughter's age have grown out of their initial ones and don't bother to buy more. A pair of knit shorts should last a couple of years.

So you could probably have an initial outlay of $100 or less, depending where you buy the polos and trousers.


My kids didn't go to this primary school, but the uniform is pretty standard for every state primary school. My youngest's friend went to Belair primary.

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