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    :o Errr,

    as some may have guessed, i have a son who is 18 years old.


    Now he has been neglected over his short lifetime; malnourished and diminutive.........


    can i buy size 16 shoes/ sandals/ trainers in Adelaide? That's UK 16's, or European size 50!!

    Can i buy trousers of a 34 plus inch inside leg measurement?

    Can i get a 48inch chest, long sleeved jacket for him???


    Will i have to get his beloved VANS over the t'interweb??


    At 6ft 8inches tall, he is (just) outside the "off-the-peg", average;

    We have, naturally, bought him some stuff to take.....but the future replacement means a long wait, or a huge bill.


    I would appreciate no "funny" comments about his size being related to other extremities..............( it is TRUE, btw); as we are sensitive souls......


    Social services can be contacted on....+44 151 645........should you wish to report the obvious neglect of this poor child



    Much Love



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