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No Iggy

Guest Lisado

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Guest Guzzler&Sas

Don't be too sad, there are plenty over here without having to import the things, only last week we had a 5 foot brown snake on our driveway:wideeyed:, I have heard of quite a lot of people seeing them so far this season,




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Iggy is fab and I will miss him very much, want to re-home him to someone nice. I cant wait to see what snakes we have in the garden there. My mam doesnt want to see spiders but I cant wait. I do want pet snake wen I am there


Alex (8)

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Oh Alex, that's so sad.


I know how you feel. I had a 4 metre-long Burmese python called Peerpoint. I had him from a hatchling and I loved him very much but I had to find a new home for him after my daughter was born (not 'cos I thought Peer would eat her :cute:, just that he didn't get out the vivarium as much as he used to!). Anyway, I wrote to the British Herpetological Society and they found him a brilliant new home. Here's their website address: http://www.thebhs.org/index.html


Otherwise maybe your class would like Iggy, or a friend? Snakes are fab pets and if it's someone you know, maybe they will be kind enough to let you know how Iggy is every now and then?


And if you bring your vivarium with you, perhaps you could give a new snake a home....no, not one you might find in the yard, lol, one from a pet shop!


The coolest thing is (I think!) you could become a snake wrangler when you become old enough, or join the SA Herpetological group (http://www.swiftpages.com/sahg/index.html) when you get here and talk snakes with some new friends?


Whatever happens, I'm sure Iggy will miss you but be just fine, honest.

:wubclub: Caroline

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Hi Caroline. Alex's mam here. Thanks for you message and they helpful sites. We'll look into those. Holding off giving Iggy away for now. Maybe after Christmas. We also have a rabbit to re-home - I didnt realise a snake and a rabbot be such a pull on the heart strings!!!



Alex would love to be a snake wrangler (he's also huge Austin Stevens fan ;))



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