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    Ok having sent off my old expired black passport off to Canberra and checked the form X2 and all my documents....received a letter today stating they no longer accept non red EU passports as proof for renewal. I have to send my father's red EU passport (he had an old black one) or his birth cert...(he died 14 yrs ago and lived interstate) and my parents marriage cert as I was born out of UK. Great have ordered priority service docs from the GRO, which will supposedly be sent Monday...so about a week to get here( hopefully)!!! I will be ringing Tuesday to make sure they are on their way.


    Rang BHC in Canberra which costs $2.50 per minute tospeak to someone, the old black ones are no good because of all the security checks. Funny how the forms haven't changed though in the last 20 odd years!


    My big AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH is they (Canberra) actually issued me with my last passport!!!!!They must have records of my details etc.AND you would think they would have some database by now! My Birth cert is a fancy one from Jeddah British Consulate with large embossed red stamps all over it. I have been issued a passport in England in the 70s in the UK....Do you not think this is enough info to see that I am entitled to a British passport. Stupid bureaucracy!


    Well all will be well but is just cutting it fine for my trip. If they say no I will be stateless and get free refugee status!:D

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