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    We are at the moment with HSBC bank here in the UK and are now wanting to know if we should stay with HSBC and have our savings transfered over using them or go with a well know OZZIE bank with our savings.

    Any advise please if you have used HSBC or think using a Ozzie bank would be better.



    Cheers Steven.:chatterbox:

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    Guest Rob and Clare

    We used the HSBC when we migrated and they were fine, when we arrived we had cards etc set up for us ready to use. They seem as good or as bad as most other banks here, but we moved away from them as there is only 1 branch and that's in the city, so paying in a cheque or booking an appoitment was always a pain.


    We're now with a local credit union, we can walk to the branch, with Saturday openings and the service is very personal.


    So if you know where you may be starting out over here, see if you can open an account with a more local bank, if not HSBC will certainly get you off the ground.

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    We were with HSBC in the UK and were thinking of using them over here but they only have one branch so we joined Westpac. I think it is probably best to join an aussie bank as you get charged for using other bank's ATM machines here. I have found Westpac very good and we set our accounts up in the UK before we came over.



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