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    Hi,just got 3 network wireless net,6 gb per month,which is woefully inadequate for us,as i listen to net radio from uk and live 365 all day long if possible,so has anyone any suggestions as to what is our best option here?Wireless is our only way to access the net here!Any help would be greatly appreciated,thanks,sue.

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    Hey Sue,


    It might be worth your while having a word with Internode - they've recently launched a new service called Naked Extreme which uses ReADSL (reach extended). You'll lose your connected phone line but will gain broadband and access to many broadband telephone options. We pay $50/year for a local Skype number and free calls to landlines and mobiles in Oz but you can choose other/more countries (for extra cash).


    We were in the same boat in July when we tried to get our ADSL moved to our new house, and it's not even a new house either; 20 years old in Hallett Cove and there's still hundreds of other homes that don't have wired broadband.


    We pay $85 for 40GB.



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