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    I am new to all this and this is my first post so sorry in advance if i am going over old ground!


    We are due to fly on 18th Aug to Adelaide on an SIR visa.


    We are both primary teachers (early years specialists) and was wondering what the demand is like at the moment for teachers.


    We understand that we have to do a child protection and first aid course but are there any other requirements before we can teach??


    Also what is the best way to secure employment - is it a case of applying to newspaper vacancies or is there much demand for supply teachers to allow us to 'get a foot in the door'?


    Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Guest emmylou


    I am a primary school teacher as well (lots of us!) and will be looking for work when I move on later on in the year. I went on holiday to Adelaide in March to look around and ask about the teaching situation. Basically, it seems that primary school teachers are not really in that much of a demand, however, there is lots of relief teaching to keep us going. We will secure a perm contract but it may take some time. I see that you are early years trained this will really help! There is (I think) a shortage of early years teachers but you may need to check this out. I presume you have registered with the TRB? It's on Pirie street.

    Good luck and keep us posted on the job situtation! I have been advised to just 'pound the pavements' and try to get into as many schools as possible.


    Take care


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    Guest Libby1971



    We arrived on 20th April and both us are teachers. I am secondary and the OH is primary. My subject is RE adn I have taught in a state school for 5 years since qualifying. OH teacher mainly years 5-6, specialsies in PE, RE and was ICT coordinator at a Catholic primary state school also for 5 years since qualifying.


    You can book both the mandatory course and the first aid course form the UK adn I recommend you do. Try and attend as soon as you can as the teacher registration board has no idea of urgency.


    The situation regarding schools in SA is this:

    to teach in a state school, you must have the first aid certificate. You don't get to choose where you go per se. When we visited primary schools for our daughter to go to, the head teachers were up front and said that they generally relied on past relief teachers whose details they had kept because they got on with the kids and the other staff. We were told to take our resume (CV) into the school with up to date contact numbers.


    Also, in order to teach in Catholic schools, you need a certificate from the Catholic Education Board (George Street, Thebarton). We went in with our police checks from the UK (dated Jan 2007) and our passports along with our rental agreement as proof of address. They copied all of including the date of our arrival in SA and will be issuing the certificate this week. It is that straightforward but it is time consuming.


    If you wish to teach in Independent schools in SA there is an association called AISSA for short. They have a form and you supply all your details to this central body who forward your details onto anyone in the loop. If they are interested they will call you.


    We also found Switch Educational Recruitment from the UK and I emailed a lovely lady called Claire Hamilton who has been incredibly helpful. Basically this agency have alot of contacts in the religious and private schools around Adelaide. We were interviewed and took our CVs as well as all our certificates. She took copies. She thinks that I will get work quicker than my husband, mainly to do with the fact that there are no specialist teachers of Religion here. I was also asked if I was okay to do adult education (if it pays, I will tap dance while I teach anything).


    Pay is $172.00 per day and they pay 9% superannuation (pension) out of their part. There are schools I have heard of that pay $300 per day for cover but that may be to the agency and not how much an individual would get.


    I hope this is helpful. Please get as much done from the UK as you can.


    Oh and last thing, first aid certificates in private sector are not compulsory but are good for career development purposes. Red Cross can't get us in until mid July. St Johns Ambulance are running the courses nearly every day, including Sundays, and we can get a place tomorrow.


    PM if I can be more help



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