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if you intend using singapore airlines, opodo, expedia...

Guest Bristol_Matt

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Guest Bristol_Matt

I have created a very basic, amateur website: http://www.puzzle-shack.co.uk

Since creating it i have been looking to find ways of generating a bit of cash. As part of my search i have stumbled upon 'associate' sites. Basically, i post a link to their site and if anybody clicks this link and subsequently makes a purchase i receive a small percentage.

Anyway, i have now got a list of companies on my 'links' page, including Singapore Airlines - They will pay me 1% commision. This fee does not affect how much you pay the airline.

I would be willing to split this 1% with any PIA member who makes a booking via my website.

I know half a percent sounds rubbish, but if you spend £1500 it would mean £7.50 for you and me for doing next to nothing.

I would be happy to pay out via paypal or cheque.

I would only pay you once i have been paid myself, which is usually AFTER you make the trip (in case you cancel).

Please feel free to post or message me any questions.

I think all i would need to know from you is when you made the booking, so i can check it has been successful, how much you spent, and when you are going (and how i can pay you).

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Guest Bristol_Matt
If you can get a link to Booktopia on there and they'll pay you, I'll go through your site! Other sites worth considering are www.travelonline.com.au and the toy shop, Imagine If (wonderful toys in there!) and I think you can even get Google to pay you something if you put a link to them! Good luck with it.


Thanks Diane.

The site is just a hobby, but if it can earn just a bit of cash to pay for its upkeep i will be happy.

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Guest Bristol_Matt

A big thank you to who ever booked flights with Singapore Airlines, via my site.

At least I now know the link works.


Please contact me to claim your half (I would say it's worth claiming). If you can confirm how much you spent and tell me when you are going I will put a note in the diary to see if the money clears and pay you accordingly.



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