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Hi, been here almost 18 yrs and found site today!

Guest pommy1

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We have been here 18yrs in March 2009, and have just came across this site today.


My name is Sue and i migrated here in 1992 with my husband Mark and our 3 daughters then aged 4,6,7


We went back to Uk for hols in June this year, and remembered all the reason we migrated here in first place.


Wished we had this site back then and computer!!


We now have Grandchildren here so Australia is very much our home.:)

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Welcome to PIA Sue and family. Wow you've been here ages! And I bet you're an oracle when it comes to all things 'Adelaide'. It's encouraging to know that your recent trip to the UK clarified your reasons for moving here back in 1992. That's good for all us new migrants to know, particularly when things get tough. We've been here 10 months and are loving it despite the ups and downs and our two little ones are blossoming into wonderful little Aussie girls!


I'm looking forward to you sharing more with us in the future. Thanks for dropping in...


Dette :)

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There's quite a few of us oldies who stumble across this site. I'm going to the UK this summer , last time I was there was 17 yrs ago and I'm looking forward to it, purely to see my in laws, some family and some reminiscence and to show the kids where their family came from. I've been here many more years then I ever was there, but there is always a part of me that has a Union Jack stamped on it.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.


When we decided to come here, the only resources we had was a newspaper called "Australian Outlook" and a couple of books we bought about Australia, it took us about 13 months to get our passports back with that all importent visa. We put our house on market ,sold, packed up three kids, we both come from close familys and whilst mine were supportive my Husbands were more upset. We set out with the idea in our minds that we would not go back and we would make a go of it, we had no family or friends here for support either. We"ve had our ups and downs just the same as most people,except we have them in the sunshine!!


I would have loved this site when we came over, the help and advice people are willing to give is fantastic, but hey we are poms!


We thought about what we miss about UK last night.


1. pubs- you can't beat an english pub

2. English sense of humour.


The other thing i noticed aprt from the amout of cars on roads when we went over there this year was how they age, while we over here in OZ seem to stay the same.;)

Strange that.


Sue and Mark

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Guest Guest75

Welcome to PIA:)


You are "old timers" - ,thought we were after 8 years;)


You brought back memories when you mentioned the Australian Outlook.

We would read it front cover to cover - no forums like now.

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