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Just thought I'd say G'day

Guest Geoff and Carol

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Guest Geoff and Carol

Hi all, I found this website today whilst looking on line to buy barbecue plates... please, don't ask!


Anyway, my mum and dad, me and six brothers and sisters migrated to Adelaide from London as ten pound Poms back in '69.


The family is now scattered all over Oz, but my wife and I have lived all that time in Adelaide. I travel a lot, but guess what, it's always good to get home. A big advantage of Adelaide is that we have all the convenience of bigger city without all the problems and hassles that go with it.


So, I just wanted to say welcome to all new and prospective arrivals, relax and enjoy!



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Hi Geoff and Carol - noticed you live in Wynn Vale and thought I'd let you know that we're having a girls drink at the Golden Grove tavern tomorrow night if Carol would like to come along - we'll be in the comfy bar from about 8 onwards - and some of the male halves are meeting in the Sports Bar at the same time, so if you wanted to join them I'm sure you'd be welcome there too!


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I wonder if you could help in anyway...

My name is Dave Cole,I am a Painter and Decorator from the United Kingdom. (white British)

Myself and family (wife and 2 girls age 15 and 20) are hoping to emigrate to Australia (Adelaide) hopefully towards the end of 2009.

But at the age of 43yrs I have to get my skates on.

When I served as an apprentice in 1981 we did not have any qualifications or certificates and therefore I cannot get a skilled work visa, as for this you need an NVQ or city & guilds and neither were handed out in 1981.

I am hoping someone can help me and possibly consider taking me on as an experienced painter and decorator/paperhanger towards the end of 2009.

I have been advised that a job offer from an established company is probably my only chance of moving my family to Adelaide.

But as i do not know anyone in Adelaide its been a bit difficult to get started on my search.

No worrys if you can not help, but maybe you know someone who can.

heres hoping.


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Guest Geoff and Carol

Dave, guess what?


My next door neighbour is a P and D who employs a reasonable number of people. He's a subby for some of the big builders in Adelaide. I'll see what his advice is.



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Hi Geoff, thanks for your quick reply.

We would be really greatful if you could find out any info from your neighbour.

I can send info to them if necessary.

Taking the time to try and help me and my family is most appreciated.

I look forward to your next message, fingers crossed.



Dave,Lorraine-- Jenna and Jodie.

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