Guest Cunnah97

Help please Cunnah10 can NOT get onto PIA

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    Guest Cunnah97

    Hello Guys

    been ages now since i have NOT been able to get on my own account "cunnah10"

    could you help sort it out please?:mad:

    Just won't let me log in at been using my 11 year olds account (cunnah97)

    But would like my own account back please asap...had a few messages apparently sent to my own account BUT not been aware of them obviously!

    People have been thinking me very rude not replying!!!:realmad:





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    Sorry Gill what happens when you try to log in.....I'm not sure I can do anything, you probably need to email Tim directly cos he's the administrator. Moderators only get to clean upthe spam n delete,lock n edit.


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