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WRF?? more agro!


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Oh, the DIAC are good...................my 18year old son, a clean living, law abiding lad has come to oz, on my visa application (457); not only have they kept asking for more and more info, they now want even more. The lad has been looking for work, on the dole for the past 10 months; he is dependent on me and Andrew for just about all living expenses.......... now the shower want even more bank details, which is nigh on impossible cos the account is closed, we have no details, and the b'stids want more info!!!!!

In the Y(uk), he could walk in as a non-english speaking, hiv ridden, sex offending mental case, no questions....................... welcome to oz the Edwards family, but you are law abiding, tax paying, highly qualified peeps, you might not be able to stay!!!!

Maybe i should have him stab some one...................seems fair.


Oh and all you Gaurdian readers getting all flumoxed at that..............poag ma thoin

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Guest sarahsmartiepants

A friend of mine had this trouble, they let theie over 18 yr old stay on a working holiday visa and she worked the land! Then they had to pay for her to do a course as international student, so she was then on an international student visa.

I hear this happening a lot to people with 18 yr olds when they are on temp visas, its deffo something to think about when coming here, they have to be fependant on you.

Couldnt quite get the full gist of yur post, but is he looking for full time work, and if so will his visa allow it?

Another friends daughter has put off going to uni this yr as it will cost too much and cant work either sa the visa wont allow.?

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Hiya, and morning!


Right spoke to the agent...............he reckons they're being ars******s; but we are forging ahead. James has a college place, which we are paying for, and no other means of support, but bank of mum and dad. He is discussing the matter with them today.

Our visa hasn't been granted yet, and the agent is working on 1 more week. Even he cant understand what the H they want............oh beaurocracy is a pain.

Should hear this am what else we can do; eg a student visa or whatever, more paying out then!!!! Some "cashed up Brit" i'm gonna be:biglaugh:.


No hangover tho', bonus!!

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