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    Thread: My son with possible autistic spectrum disorder

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      thanks Adam and Maria - I had not heard of Poms in Oz but have now posted a thread on there so that's great - also I have read Tony Atwood's book but did not know he was now in Brisbane so will attempt to get in touch - great !

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      Thanks to all for your really helpful info!

      He has been assessed last year and they have called his condition “Motor Coordination Disorder and Social Communication Disorder - possible Asperger's Syndrome.”

      He is about to be reassessed by the team here to see if they feel this is AS but we are reluctant for them to definitively call it this as we have heard of children being refused visas due to AS. Should we lay low and keep the diagnosis as it is for now do you think – but I think even with this vague diagnosis we would have to mention it ? some people have said if there is no definite diagnosis then don't disclose it at the medical and you'll be OK or should we disclose and hope for the best? Obviously if he has a diagnosis he'll be more entitled to help once there but by the sounds of it we may not actually get there in the first place. He is quite bright, goes to mainstream school, has a special educational needs co-ordinator who works with the teachers to give him sessions in the school twice a week discussing social issues and he needs help with writing aswell.

      Lynne -Do you mind me asking about the school that you found in Maclaren Vale? We are very much guided by schools really in terms of where to live but want to be near Adelaide as all my family are there.

      Clare - I would love to get in touch with your brother - not sure what you mean by PM - how do I do that ??!! Once I know I will also try to PM you Norah!! ( I'ma bit of new to all this forum stuff!Sorry!)
      And LC - thanks for all your reassurance re schools. (Do you mind me asking which schools you have worked at and found supportive?)

      Thanks again for all your help, Sian

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      thanks Diane - certainly very inspiring!

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      Hi Norah, A special school in Marion?
      I have a 9 yr old son (Ryan) who has Aspergers. He did really well last year as he had a very motivated teacher, Whom was in his first year in Adelaide. He moved from liverpool. funny that as this is a pommy site. He really made a big effort to find out as much info on this condition before he even met Ryan. This was a joy to see him enjoy school for a change.
      Now he has started a new year (year 4), he is really struggling and he refuses to go every morning. I manage to guide him to school, but i think its only a matter of time before he has a total meltdown and cant be re-aussured that he will be fine. He cry's in the morning saying the work is too hard.
      I came across some school books of my daughter's from year 2, this made me realise that Ryan is so far behind. And i am worried that sooner, rather than later, he will totally be un-teach-able.
      He attends Edwardstown Primary School which has been good for both my children. I live near marion.
      I really dont know what options are avaliable for Ryan, or even how serve his condition is. His Mother and i are separated, and she has been the main person who knows about Ryans Aspergers.
      As i can give him routine, also im minutes from his school, i seen to be his main care giver. His mother is registaired with Autisim SA. But she seems to have given up and decided that its eaisier he stays with me.
      So im seeing changes in his behavior, which im concerned about. He is really starting to hate school.

      Help, Is their a school in the southern area that is Aspergers syndrome friendlly. Or is programed for his different style of learning.
      Im sure that its the right time for him to change his learning enviroment as i cant see him progressing to mainstream high school.

      Warm regards
      Shell Abbott


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