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      We also did it ourselves and it felt good to know we had saved the money.
      Every little helps as lets face it, it's very expensive to emigrate.


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      We did everything ourselves. It can be difficult finding the information on the government websites but if you are patient then you can find out everything you need.

      Take each stage one step at a time.

      The most complicated bit for us was sorting out getting our cats there.

      We will be arriving in Australia on 6th August and Adelaide around the 12th. It has taken just under a year from the start of seriously doing the paperwork.

      I would definitely attend one of the expos, if nothing else it will give you an insight into different aspects of life. We learnt loads just from chatting to the people on the stands, and not necessarily about what they were there to promote.

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      As someone said on here, if it was straight forward you don't need an agent.

      We used an agent who was really good even though Niki is pretty good with paperwork and it doesn't phase her.

      We used an agent because of complications and lack of time e.g not enough hours in the day. I am a roofer (for the last 25 years) and they were asking for a work history of training back to year dot and it all had to be precise, same with references. I couldn't remember that far back and I never kept paperwork until Niki and I got together.

      When I started roofing they did not do training courses, it was on the job training not x amount of years at college with prac.

      We actually wrote the basics and adapted them for each one in line with the requirements and forwarded it to the people giving references (as advised by the agent). We were also leaving two children behind who, one was living with us and the other one wasn't. so had to go through all the rigmarole of that.

      If you can do it without, then do so but then we would do exactly the same again.

      Sorry to sit on the wall as such.

      J & Niki
      Contact us (Jason Wyness Roofing Contractors) by private message for all Roofing, Guttering and Leadwork enquiries. 25+ yrs experience, fully licensed, public liability and Master Builders member


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