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  1. Hi, now that Moneycorp are no longer trading with Australia, who are people using for money transfers from UK please? Thanks in advance
  2. niknjas

    Casual worker required

    All sorted now as found someone. Thank you
  3. Hi We require someone for casual work as a roofing labourer for this week only. Job is in Reynella. If anyone interested please pm me. Thanks Niki
  4. niknjas

    Roof repairs needed

    Thanks for the recommendation Ian. J
  5. Thanks Karenbfam & Snifter Sam was still in 6th form at the time and just think he found it too much to leave his friends behind. His balance of family is more in UK. TBH I think he only thinks about it when he's fed up and he seems to think grass is greener etc. I think he also forgets how difficult it is to get over here. He's in an established relationship and they're expecting a baby so that makes things a lot more complicated for him. He definitely won't get a skilled visa that quickly and he would also have to re-train. I will tell him but I don't hold out much hope of him coming out or getting it. He definitely wants to visit but further than that? Niki
  6. Thanks Snifter He's definitely not going to make it before July. I did think that maybe the boat has sailed for him. Kind Regards Niki
  7. Hi We have been here nearly 4.5 years on a 176 visa. We got our visa in July 2009 and moved here January 2010. Our son who is still in England was also on our visa but decided not to come, but he did validate it within three months of us being here. He is now talking about coming over here. As our PR as such ends in July (we are going for citizenship), not sure where this would leave him. Only talking about a visit at the moment next year but would he need RRV or a visitors visa and has he well and truly blown it for coming to Oz for good? Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Niki
  8. niknjas

    Jewellry repairs

    I had mine done at the silver place next to Cheap as Chips in Seaford Shopping Centre. Good and reasonably priced
  9. niknjas

    English v Australian passport

    Thanks everyone for your ansers. GeoffuZz - like the idea of triple nationality. Just had aways thought of just having one passport, not two. Thanks once again. Niki
  10. niknjas

    Home Builders Adelaide

    Hi, just tried pm'ing you but says you are not set up to receive pm's. Niki
  11. Hi Never thought of this before but my friend raised this with me the other day. We are going for citizenship next year. I already have dual nationality as I was not born in UK. I assumed that we would just get australian passports but my friend said why not keep the english ones. She told me that if the kids wanted to go to Europe when they were older, they would have problems if they held an aussie passport. Is this right, has anyone experienced problems with this? Thanks Niki
  12. niknjas

    Home Builders Adelaide

    Hi I am a roofer and have had good and bad experiences with builders. If you want to pm me I can give you the details as don't think I am allowed to give phone numbers out on here?! There is one builder here that you should not even touch with anybody elses barge pole that goes under a couple of names. cheers Jason
  13. niknjas

    Migration advice

    Hi Iam just about to go to one in the CBD in a couple of weeks re getting my mum over for good. They were very helpful over the phone and emailed me various different options. The only drawback is to see them will cost $400 for the consulatation but I was getting nowhere with Migration and getting thoroughly fed up. They are called Doconade Legal and Migraton. Here is the weblink http://www.doconade.com.au/ Hope this helps, even if you only email and get a bit more clarification. Good luck Niki
  14. Hi Golly wobbler gave me some great advice re this. We have been here three years and my Dad dies 5 months ago. All my Mum has got is me as I have no brothers and sisters. I spoke to Immigration and emailed them. Verbally they are much better but tied tied me up in knots of confusion regarding emails and just referred me to everybody else. I have contacted a chap here in Adelaide who has said that my mum needs to do an onshore visa. My Mum is coming back to visit in July and we are going to see them then to seek advice as I want my Mum here, she's 75 and is in good helath but there will come a point where she is not. If you want the details for them, pm me and once I've been to see them, I also might be able to shed some more light for you. Hope it all goes well. Niki
  15. Andy at Critical Climates. Friend of ours and does work for any of the jobs we have that need aircon sorted out.

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