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    Thread: Pool / Snooker

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      I'd defo be up for a game of pool with someone!

      And don't think that because I'm a girl you could beat me. I played with a random stranger yesterday in the city and beat him. Mwhahahaha.

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      Come down to Glenelg later then and prove your skills.

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      Is anyone going to be down there later on today or tomorrow? My long weekend has been some what un entertaining! :)

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      Dang. You are going to think I'm really good now. Ha de ha. I'm ok. Just want to say that now.

      Ok cool. Name a time and place and I'll be there :)

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      Are you close to Glenelg then? Can you do today or tomorrow being as they are both bank holidays... what ever the Australians call it

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      I'm in Kingston Park/Seacliff. Sure I can get to Glenelg easily.

      Pool tonight then?

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      Yeah chalkers in Glenelg? I went there last week pretty decent lots of tables and 2 bars... right outside the tram station too... what time suits you?

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      Sounds good. Hows abouts 7pm?

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      Yeah 7pm is good, i posted a picture so you know who to look out for!

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      Awesome. I've got long red hair, I'm sure you will spot me. Doesn't seem to be many redheads here.

      Looking forward to beating you. ;)

      See you at 7!


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