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  1. andy and lindsey

    Scary Waiting Times in the Public Hospitals

    Private insurance doesn't cover consultations so if you choose to be seen as a private patient then you will have out of pocket expenses; there is usually some Medicare rebate attached. Dependant on what service you are looking for the amount varies. An option is to be seen initially as a private patient then drop back into the public system. A few years ago I had a health scare and had to wait 1 month to see a gastroenterologist. I called the hospital spoke to the consultants secretary, when I told her I had private health insurance I had an appointment the following day. Certainly not fair but just the system here unfortunately.
  2. andy and lindsey

    Day on the Green in Mclaren Vale

    Speak to chook McCoy from McLaren Vale. Last time we went he picked us up and dropped us off. He has a Facebook page
  3. andy and lindsey

    70's, 80's music in the CBD

    What's the name of the fb group Tyke. Can't find how soon is now
  4. andy and lindsey

    Christmas cake

    Me too - sounds yummy
  5. andy and lindsey

    Christmas Do's

    Yes or even a works do
  6. andy and lindsey

    Christmas Do's

    I've been in Australia for seven years now and love everything about it but one thing that I really miss is a good British Christmas do, you know with all the Christmas ? party songs and a good dance. Does anyone know of any??? Ta
  7. andy and lindsey

    Mobile hairdresser

    Lol - enough said
  8. andy and lindsey

    Mobile hairdresser

    If you are looking for a hairdresser in the South and are happy to go to a salon, it can highly recommend Nick @ hair@cbr. Nick has cut and coloured my hair for the last 4 years now and I always walk out of his salon with a fantastic cut which is can manage and it have the most difficult hair (slight kink, very fine but a lot of it). I always get comments about my hair and lots of my friends are now regular clients of Nicks. He is a great guy and and a very experienced hairdresser having worked in top London salons (I sound like I'm writing an ad or being paid which I'm not! Check him out you won't be disappointed Hair@cbr tel: 8382 7852
  9. Oops Christmas should read CV damned auto correct on my phone
  10. It's certainly a difficult situation at the moment. The recent budget impacted health enormously (public sector) but I believe they are opposing this. Remember too it's the end of the financial year too so managers are probably quite financially tied until July. There is also a large private sector too. I don't know of any experienced British nurses who have been without jobs or out of work for very long. Get a good Christmas out there, follow up with phone calls too and good luck. What area do you work in. I'll keep my eyes open. I work in the public sector, my hubby who is also an RN works in private ICU
  11. andy and lindsey

    Spare double mattress: free to a good home

    Can I ask where you are
  12. andy and lindsey

    Palliative Care Nursing in Adelaide

    If you need anymore info let me know and have a look at the SA Palliative Care Plan
  13. andy and lindsey

    Palliative Care Nursing in Adelaide

    Hi there Each of the Local Health Network's have a community palliative care team. Southern Adelaide Palliative Service (SAPS) based out of the Repat Hospital, Central Adelaide (CAPCS) based at QEH and Northern Adelaide (NAPS) based at Modbury. These are level 6 consultative services. You would find these jobs advertised on notice of vacancies, the government job website. I'm not sure if they are recruiting at the moment and the jobs are sought after. Other Non Government Organizations will offer community palliative services also, the ones that spring to mind are RDNS, HSS, ACH. You could apply to these directly. Daw House is the hospice at the Repat, Modbury have a hospice within Modbury Hospital and there is also Mary Potter Hospice at Calvary North Adelaide (private not for profit).
  14. andy and lindsey

    Struggling registered nurse in Adelaide!

    Are you looking on vacancies.sa.gov.au
  15. andy and lindsey

    Help for homeless teen

    Try Southern Junction, I'm pretty sure that they could put you in touch with someone. I'm not sure if the Furness family still come on here they may be able to advise

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